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Being Jonny Flynn

jonny flynn
jonny flynn

The sign that you've truly arrived in pro sports today isn't when you get drafted or when you sign your contract.  It's not even your first game. 

It's when you're officially a video game star.  And that time has arrived for Jonny Flynn.

Jonah Ballow caught up with Sean O'Brien, lead producer for NBA Live 10 to find out how EA Sports revamped the video game this year and give everyone a first glance at the virtual Jonny Flynn.

Sean: You can play with Ricky Rubio on the Spanish National Team within the FIBA tournament but because he didn't make the trip over seas this year, he is not suiting up for the Timberwolves but Mr. Flynn is going to be there at the point. You know, Minnesota looks like a very young and exciting team to watch, especially with Kevin Love who is a part of the EA Sports family being on the cover of NCAA Basketball 09 last year. There are a lot of good things happening this year. To be very honest with you, Minnesota is a lot of fun to play with in the game because of that. I will tell you what; a virtual Jonny Flynn is a heck of a lot of fun to play with.

The demo version of the game went live today.  You have to play as either the Lakers or Magic but don't worry, yours and Jonny's time will come October 6th.  Patience.