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Syracuse To Eventually Be Renamed Melo University

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Makes you wonder, if Carmelo Anthony only spent one year at Syracuse and we're naming a building after him and now retiring his basketball jersey, what would we have done if he had stayed for four years?

We'll never know how close we came to The Melo Head, a 40-foot bronzed replica of Carmelo's noggin that would have rested in the middle of the Quad, ever-watching over his flock.  But at least we'll be able to point to his laundry in the rafters.  So that's a win.

Sometime this season, Boeheim said Anthony's jersey will be retired and raised to the rafters at the Carrier Dome. Boeheim is in the process of matching up schedules of the Nuggets and Syracuse to find a good date, and will talk to Anthony about it later this month.

"We retire jerseys, not numbers," said Boeheim of the school policy, but said it's unlikely any player at Syracuse ever again will wear Anthony's No. 15.

Boeheim made the comments to NBA Fanhouse while discussing the soon-to-be-opened Melo Center, which will open it's doors on September 24th.  Carmelo gave $3M to make the new basketball center a reality. 

So, if you see Melo on campus or about town, remember...always kneel on the left knee and offer your right hand to his grace. That's the proper way to greet Syracuse Jesus.

Here's Carmelo (And Boeheim & Dorsey Levens) a few weeks back at Wilson Park in Syracuse.  He is liked.