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The Ol' "Syracuse Schedules Weak" Routine Returns

Last year Syracuse basketball shut up all fo the naysayers who harp on SU's early-season scheduling practices of staying close to home.  The Orange went to Kansas City to take on Florida and defending national champ Kansas and they went to Memphis to play the Tigers.  All was right with the world.

But, of course, "what have you done for me lately, Cuse?"  That's SI's Luke Winn asking.  Cause he's got Syracuse back on the "schedule like wussies" wagon.

The Orange are actually traveling outside the state of New York before Big East play starts, but they're facing Florida in Tampa, rather than Gainesville, for the Big East/SEC Challenge on Dec. 10. 'Cuse's other two neutral-court games will be held at their second home, Madison Square Garden, where they're playing Cal in the opening round of the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic.

Everyone loves to harp on the MSG thing.  Fine, it's in the borders of New York State so despite being 300 miles away it's in-state.  Got it.  But considering we are playing Team Frisky 2009-2010 Cal and, likely, defending national champion North Carolina, I'd say the location doesn't really do too much to help us out.  I mean, Kansas was the "hometown" school in the CBE thing last year and we beat them.  

As for the Florida match-up, yes, the game is being played in Tampa and not Gainesville.  I'm sure there are no Florida fans in Tampa.  I'm sure no Florida Gator fans will hop in their RVs and make the 2 hour drive.  I'm sure it gives Syracuse the distinct advantage.

As for the rest of our OOC schedule, it's not our fault Memphis is playing us in the Dome this year.  That's how these things work, Luke.  You play one there and one here.  Blame the system.

Last year we were "road-tested" because we played two neutral-site games and a notable road game.  This year we're homebodies because we play three neutral-site games.  Go figure.