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Syracuse Fans Just Kidding About All That "Support" Stuff

Carrier Dome (via <a href="">wb_ennis</a>)
Carrier Dome (via wb_ennis)

I was pretty sure we were all on the same page about this.  Despite being 0-2, this was a far different 0-2 than the 0-2 we all saw through last year.  This was an 0-2 of Hope.  An Obama 0-2.  The kind of 0-2 you could get behind because you knew there was a brighter future, positive returns and more affordable health care just around the corner.

Guess not.

A school spokesman said today that "approximately 30,000" tickets have been sold for the game, though there was considerable activity at the box office Tuesday morning. Night games also tend to have big walk-up sales.

Oof.  I mean, it's not even AT 30,000, it's "approximately" 30,000.  That means 27,000.

$15 tickets just ain't gonna cut it this week.  Syracuse fans might require DOCTOR Gross to personally deliver each ticket in a velvet-lined box along with a $20 gift certificate to Spaghetti Factory Warehouse if he wants any chance of packing the Dome like two weeks ago.

Assuming walk-up sales continue as a regular pace, we're probably looking at around 35K for the game, and that's the announce. As Donnie notes, "Syracuse averaged 33,474 per contest" last season, the 2nd lowest average in Dome history. 

After concerns it wouldn't be, the game will in fact be televised locally but I doubt that has anything to do with ticket sales.  The Northwestern game was a national broadcast.  Donnie posits the question...should Syracuse black out games like the Northwestern or Maine ones?  My answer would be that Syracuse hasn't earned the right to call that kind of shot yet.  As we're already seeing, SU fans are more than happy to call that bluff.

As if Syracuse didn't need this win bad enough. With Maine on the horizon, this might be the game that determines the strength of Dome attendance for the rest of the season.  No pressure, Doug.

Update: The Three Idiots give you all the reasons you need to buy a ticket to the game and NBCSports is looking at the ticket sales # through the glass half-full approach.