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Yankee Stadium Hates Syracuse

I thought we were all just kidding when we dubbed the proposed Bronx bowl game "The Yankee Bowl."  Now that it's becoming more and more of a done deal, I'm beginning to suspect that's actually going to stick.  And if the current break-out of which teams will play there holds, it looks like Syracuse won't be making an appearance for a while.

Nick Carparelli Jr., the Big East’s associate commissioner for football, said in a telephone interview on Monday that talks for the Yankee Bowl have been progressing. The bowl would be an annual game most likely played between Christmas and New Year’s that would allow traveling fans to experience New York during that time of year.

The bowl would involve a team from the Big East, most likely its third- or fourth-place team, and the seventh-place team from the Big 12.

7-5 Rutgers!  6-6 Baylor!  It's the Yankee Bowl!  Only on The YES Network!

The Quest For Toronto remains on target for Syracuse as the most attainable goal.  The Quest For The Bronx is going to take a little more digging.

Lest you think that's the only way for Syracuse to eventually play inside The House That The YES Network Built, think again.  Army is in talks with Yankee Stadium about already expanding it's current deal to play home games there.  And of course this time it will include a match-up with Syra....nope, just kidding.

Army is discussing another game with Rutgers in 2016 and possibly looking to play Northwestern. Both would be Army home games.

Fine, we don't want to play in your stupid stadium anyway.  We'll be in New Jersey if you need us.