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Quarterback Controversy, Schmorterback Schmontrovery

Fact: Greg Paulus is the starting quarterback for Syracuse University.

Fact: Ryan Nassib, who saw limited time in the Stallion formation against Minnesota, saw his role expanded against Penn State, completed 4-5 passes.

Fiction: Syracuse has a quarterback controversy.

It's fiction cause it's not true.  Got it?

There wasn't the slightest spritz of any hint that Syracuse head football coach Doug Marrone is suddenly a little unsure of how he wants to play his two quarterbacks - Greg Paulus and Ryan Nassib - during his Monday press conference.

Hear that, guys?  There wasn't the slightest spritz of a hint.  Wait...what? 

"No," Marrone said when asked if Nassib had earned more playing time, "but Ryan did a nice job. He was 4-for-5. He had the one overthrow. It was always our goal to create this package. When we created the package, the Stallion, we sat there and we thought, OK, here's a way for us to go ahead and help us run the football.

Marrone explains that Nassib's expanded role grew out of the need to trick defenses who might start to think Ryan's entrance automatically meant a run was coming.  By having him pass, it disrupts the assumptions.  Clever girl...

Also, not sure where this came from but things also got a little saucy there during the presser.

You may see that package. You may not. Is the package going to grow?... At the end of the day, it's been a very productive package for us."

Down, boy.