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penn state fans
penn state fans

It's not just a rallying cry.  It's a hashtag.

Like most things in life, you can blame Matt "The" Glaude for this one.  He got the ball rolling earlier today with the above hashtag on Twitter and things got ugly (and by ugly I mean awesome) fast.

Question: What do you get if you drive slowly through State College? Answer: A degree. #BeatPennState

The only difference between a Nittany Lion and a real lion is that a real lion isn't a douchebag. #BeatPennState

If you can't go to college, go to Penn State. #BeatPennState

I never applied to Penn State. I couldn't get my hands on enough crayons to finish the application. #BeatPennState

The hardest part of playing in Beaver Stadium is avoiding the cheerleaders grazing on the field. #BeatPennState

Penn State, it's not just for pedophiles anymore. #BeatPennState

Most people are 60% water. Joe Paterno is 60% bubonic plague. #BeatPennState

Did You Know...Penn State is the twelve-time defending NCAA Sadness champions? #BeatPennState

Penn state - producing the next generation of sex offenders since 1850 #BeatPennState

Did You every case of a teacher having sex with an underage student, the teacher has been a Penn State grad? #BeatPennState

Did you know... The Nittany Lion actually likes being covered in orange. It's a refreshing change from urine and Natty Lite. #BeatPennState

Penn State is an anagram for "teen pants." Perverts. #BeatPennState

Why are there 11 teams in the Big Ten? Because Penn State was in charge of counting. #BeatPennState

What's the secret ingredient in Peachy Paterno ice cream? Underachievement. #BeatPennState

How do you get a penn st grad off your porch? Pay him for the pizza. #BeatPennState

A Penn State football player once attended a class. That's it. #beatPennState

I drank too much last night and Penn State'd all over the toilet. #BeatPennState

90% of Penn State Students can't paint by numbers #BeatPennState

90% of Penn State students can't paint. Period. #BeatPennState

Joe Paterno contemplating lawsuit against the Weekend at Bernie's producers for using his likeness #beatpennstate

Joe Paterno was the only survivor of a wagon train that braved the Oregon trail in 1868. Everyone else died of dysentery. #BeatPennState

Next time you meet a Penn State grad, make sure you thank him for topping off your tank #beatpennstate

Penn State: Where beastality isn't just a crime, but a way of life. #BeatPennState

Penn State: Where the men are men and the sheep know it. #BeatPennState

When bird migrate south they fly around Penn State. Scientists believe they are repelled by douchebaggery. #BeatPennState

We're a classy bunch.  See you tomorrow.  G'Orange.