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Coach Mac Is A Delight

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Listen to Brent Axe's interview with Coach Mac now.  Right now.  RIGHT.  NOW. When he's not busy breathing into the phone, which is often, Mac is a fireball of fantasticatude.  By the end, Brent is a 9-year-old grandchild sitting on the lap of his grandfather, unable to get a word in edge-wise.

  • First of all, I'm pretty certain he refers to Brent as Brett.
  • Utters the word "jibber-jabber" without a hint of irony.
  • Refers to Greg Robinson as "the guy from...uh...USC...wherever he, uh...Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs..."
  • "ESPN1260 is a God-lovely station." Put THAT on your marketing materials.
  • Refers to Greg Paulus as "the point guard from Duke."
  • Tells Brent "Your too damn young to remember the blacksmiths shops." Yessir.
  • "Penn State...what do they call themselves?"
  • "As soon as we're done with Penn State, we've got those damn Methodists coming from Northwestern."  A-MAZING.