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Breaking: The FauxHawk Is Back

Stunning news out of the Daily Orange today.  Andy Rautins was last seen sporting a full head of curly, black stallion hair for the FIBA Americas Championship.  However in a shocking development, he has brought back his trademark fauxhawk.  No word on whether or not Axe's stock price rose on the announcement.

[Leo] Rautins says Andy is back to his patented faux-hawk look with a "tapered back," but that he can't be sure exactly how it will look come opening day.

Representing the Rautins family, Leo remains unimpressed.

"I'd call it a biff - kind of a country club, side wave...He had this little wave going down the side of his hair. When I saw that haircut, I thought of a guy that wears a cardigan sweater around his neck, and it just didn't fly with me."

Kids, today...right, Leo?  WRONG!  Andy Rautins is an international trendsetter.  Pretty soon he'll just be known as Andy, like Cher, Madonna or Barbara before him.  The fashion industry will rise and fall on his whims.

Will the fauxhawk be Rautins' hairstyle of choice once the season starts?  Ever the showman, Andy remains mum.  Even Leo can only speculate:

"It's going to be one of the great surprises of the upcoming season," Rautins said. "But I don't know."

The basketball season...or the fashion season?  Perhaps both... Until then, Auf Wiedersehen.

Oh there's some other stuff in there about how Andy helps him interior game and ability to work off of screens and blah, blah blah...