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One Tremendous Football-Going Standpoint

Jon from Bleed Scarlet introduced me to a fun little tool last night called Wordle.  You've probably seen these kinds of "word clouds" on sites before.  But I didn't realize you could create your own.  Ahem...

Naturally, I took every Doug Marrone press conference I could find and plugged it into the tool.  Out popped this fancy-looking cloud of Doug's favorite 150 words...


Doug Marrone's favorite words:

  1. Going (always forward-thinking)
  2. Players
  3. Think
  4. One
  5. Football

And because you're wondering, "standpoint" shows up around the 75-mark and "tremendous" in the 100-range.  And so standpoint takes the lead...

Because I'm a glutton for punishment (mine and yours), I figured I'd go back some of Greggers old press conferences as well and see what I came up with.


Are you really that surprised to see "know" and "good" that high?

And on a lark, I decided to feed all of Bud Poliquin's columns into the woodchipper to see what would come out...*


* I MAY have cherry-picked a word or ten.

H/T: Jon