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Syracuse On Pace To Break The 40K Barrier

Concerns over attendance at Saturday's Syracuse-Minnesota game have been percolating all week.  Dave Rahme wondered aloud if the Syracuse community was still in silent protest over The Greg Robinson Era. However, recent days have shown some strong growth and at the current pace, the building should be at least 85-90% packed come gametime. 

Syracuse University has sold 38,129 tickets for its football opener against the University of Minnesota on Saturday at the Carrier Dome. That's according to Scott Sidwell, SU's executive senior associate athletics director.

You can thank online ticket sales and the recent $15 promotion for the uptick. So while we wait for the numbers to rise to acceptable levels, it's time to breakout the trust Syracuse Football Attendance-O-Meter.


The more tickets you buy, the happier Doug gets (as you can see).  Make it happen, people.  For Doug's sake.