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Jim Boeheim's Car Gets "Stuck" In "Traffic" En Route To Cow-Milking Contest

On a day when he was supposed to lead his team to victory, Jim Boeheim was felled before he even got a chance to play.  But it wasn't UConn or even Georgetown that bested him.  It was the I-81.

One of the highlights of Dairy Day at the New York State Fair was a celebrity milking contest at 3 p.m. in the Coliseum.

Call me crass but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that WAS the highlight of Dairy Day at the New York State Fair.  I know, I know, you're gonna come at me with the Holstein vs. Ayrshire Coat Sheen-off.  I knew you would.  I'm here to tell you that contest is old.  Past it's time.  No one cares about coat sheen anymore, sorry.  It's all about the milk-jamins, baby. (Sorry.)

Three teams faced off in the event to bring awareness to the dairy industry and to raise money for Coaches vs. Cancer.

Are you aware of the dairy industry?  I'm pretty sure you are.  I know I am.  Okay then, glad it's settled.

One of those teams was to be headed by none other than the Grand Milker himself, Jim Boeheim.  Alas, tragedy struck before those udders could be tweaked...

Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim was supposed to head this team, but he got held up in traffic and didn't make the event. Wife Juli did milk on the Coaches vs. Cancer team.

Behind every great Hall of Fame basketball coach is an even greater Hall of Fame basketball coach's wife.  Is there anything Juli CAN'T do?  Crisis averted and good was done after all.

The contest raised $2,500 for Coaches vs. Cancer, thanks to a donation by Byrne Dairy.


H/T: Bingham Lab