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And Bailey Makes Nineteen

Of COURSE we weren't done losing players on the Syracuse football roster.  It was silly of you to think we were done.  One day you'll learn.

WR Daniel Bailey is the latest player to leave the program, the 19th scholarship player to do so this off-season.  For once, we seem to actually know the reason why.  He was bummed out about his place on the depth chart.

Bailey completed his undergraduate degree in the spring semester and found himself at the bottom of the depth chart at receiver. It's believed he practiced with the team up until this past weekend when head coach Doug Marrone established depth charts and told players where they stood.

I guess so.  I mean, I've been paying attention to this team the entire year and if you asked anyone to name the top 5-6 receivers on the Syracuse roster at any given time, Bailey's name never would have come up.  I'm not sure who was telling him he was going to supplant Mike Williams but, I don't know, I guess he was just hoping for a little PT.  I get it.

Ah, if only Andrew Robinson were a little leaner and quicker.