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Syracuse Football Hurts, Dougmarrone Can Help

When you need help, it's not always easy to ask, or even to know where to look.  Direct from TNIAAM Studios, I give you the answers you seek.


Narrator: Lucy Pearce

Syracuse Fan: Dave Alfano

Syracuse Fan's Wife: Lucy Pearce

Fish: Hamilton

Forlorn Michigan Fan: Yours truly

Huge thanks in order to the indomitable, talented and beautiful Lucy Pearce (a.k.a. Mrs. TNIAAM) for her on-screen and narration work and the also beautiful-in-his-own-way Dave Alfano, who drove all the way from Hollywood to the South Bay on a Sunday, to make this happen (Those of you do not live in LA will not understand the undertaking involved).

Also look out for that crazy cloud in the background of the skipping shot.  That's actually from the fires going on right now north of LA. 

Oh and I highly recommend the outtake clips, #1 and #2, wherein I narrate a Syracuse game-winning touchdown and the two of them go off on crazy celebratory tangents that somehow involve organized religion and tapping out.