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Ciao & Congratulazioni Kristof!

Though he only spent two seasons with us, Kristof! Ongenaut, much like Jack in Titanic, will live on in our hearts forever.  We've released him back into the world and, it turns out, our little Belgian Waffle is all growns.

SUAthletics posted the good news today that Ongeneat has signed a three-year year contract with Sutor Basket Montegranaro (or Premiata Montegranaro, depending on who you talk to), the Italian pro team from Montegranaro. Monte (as I will call them) are a member of Serie A, the top level of the Italian League, though they are a bit of a surprise entrant being from such a small town.  They're like the Green Bay Packers of Italian Basketball.  Without any of the history.  Or Brett Favre.

Kristof! joins some former Illinois player Kiwane Garris and former Ohio Bobcat Brandon Hunter on the roster.

Here's an exciting fact about the town of Montegranaro that you probably didn't know.

It is one of the main centers for shoes production in Italy.

Sweet!  I worry about how Kristof! will get on playing in a city where that fact is the only notable piece of information on their Wikipedia page, but I'm sure he'll get on just fine.  Hopefully they have queen size beds available.