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OrangeTube/Photo Phriday 8/7

I don't have enough of either so we're making like the auto industry and introducing the HYBRID!!!

First up, this photo from Aaron in NYC.


It's from last year so the expression of pain, fear and sadness is that much more understandable. Is he sad because Syracuse was so terrible?  Is he sad because our marketing material features the old, stale helmet design?  Is he sad cause there's a guy just off camera pointing a gun at him?  We'll never know.  And therein lies the beauty.

Hey, remember Mike Rautins, brother of Andy, son of Leo and humongous bromo?  The Bromos are still being whittled down and in the latest episode, there's a special treat for Syracuse fans:

The guy in the Cuse shirt gets one of the best lines AND there's a Wendy Pfeffercorn reference.  Win.

Finally, this young gent makes up for the fact that he's wearing a Boston College t-shirt by saying Rutgers will finish 7th in the Big East.  Teeheehee...