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Daily Links - Inevitable Big East Expansion Talk & Rutgers Fans Freak Out

A reverse Big East/ACC raid? - Big East - ESPN
Folks, the chances of Maryland or BC coming to the Big East are slimmer than Greg Robinson returning to coach Syracuse.

Home of the FizzCast
Conroy catches up with Don McPherson, who attended Big East Media day. The conversation goes everywhere, from Greg Paulus to the clam bake, to a look inside the Hotel Viking where all the action went down.

Syracuse Gets Its Brazilian |
The day didn't progress as smoothly as suggested by Mike McClusky's tweet on Monday night, but Orange fans will take the end result just the same, thank you

The business of rejuvenating the Syracuse football team - Orange Football Blog
The exodus of players from last year's roster was another dramatic symbol of the change mandated by new Syracuse University head football coach Doug Marrone.

Media Day comes and goes . . . and it's so far, so good for SU's Doug Marrone -
"I hear it all the time: 'Where are you going to be in two years? In three years?' I don't know. Am I saying it's going to take us two or three years to get back on top? No, I'm not saying that. My goal is to get us back right now."

The Big Orange Bloggers: A Psychic View of Syracuse Sports
Chuck asks a psychic to help predict Syracuse's sports outlook.

Three Idiots on Sports: New Jersey is Interested in Doug Marrone
New Jersey clearly has Syracuse and new coach Doug Marrone on their radar.

Scarlet meltdown over Syracuse football news in New Jersey - Orange Football Blog
Rutgers fans are freaking out over Marrone and Syracuse.

Jamesville-DeWitt's DaJuan Coleman, Syracuse recruit Dion Waiters selected for Boost Mobile All-Star Game - Orange Basketball Blog
SU recruit Dion Waiters has been selected to play in the fourth annual Boost Mobile Elite 24 basketball game at famed Rucker Park in New York City on Friday, Aug. 21.

New York has one prospect in ESPNU 150 list - Orange Football Blog
"Of the top 150 players, only seven are in Northeast states containing Big East Conference members. The highest ranked Northeast player in the ESPNU 150 list is actually from New York. Coming in at No. 41 is defensive end Dominique Easley of Curtis High School in Staten Island. I've heard Easley will use one of his official visits with Syracuse."

Big East Football - No Star Power, No National Power, No Worries -
With no star power, no hallmark team and a new commissioner, the league heads into the 2009 season searching for an identity.

A random MayFest video popped up recently.  Notable because at the 1:16 mark you can see the house I lived in senior year.  It's the red one.  That's a historical landmark, folks.