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Oh, Ryan, I Forgot You Were There. You May Go Now.

Photo: <a href="" target="new">Daily Orange</a>
Photo: Daily Orange

"I don't think there's anything Greg (Paulus) can't do. If anybody can do it, Greg Paulus can do it."

That's Doug Marrone talking about his quarterback.  Oh, sorry, didn't mean Ryan Nassib, the current #1 QB on the Syracuse depth chart.  That was for Greg Paulus. You know, the quarterback that everyone actually wants to talk about.

You may remember Nassib from his roles in Sudden Move To #1 On Spring Depth Chart and "Everything You Want Out Of A Quarterback."  And while he is, technically, still in line to take the first snap for the Orange on September 5th against the Gophers, he might as well already be served at Jewish delis as a spread for crackers and bagels.

Donnie Webb asks the question of whether or not anyone remembers Nassib and gets a very understandable answer:

"I think everyone understands that," said Marrone over the situation Nassib finds himself. "I think our players understand that we will get a lot of questions about Greg. I think early on a lot of people will be covering Greg. It's just part of it. It's no different in other places I've been; a more profile player; a player that has had more publicity and more of a following comes in. Players understand that probably more than people think."

Got it, Ryan?  He's "more profile."  You understand.

We're a long ways away from knowing what's going to unfold on September 5th.  Then again, given how quickly Marrone has his decision to anoint Nassib the Great Orange Hope in the spring, maybe we're not.  Ryan does have one defender right off the bat...when asked who he thinks the starter will be, TE Mike Owen said "Ryan." 

Of course, enen if that ends up being the case, the chance that Paulus doesn't see snaps is extremely slight.  According to Bud Poliquin, SU's offensive coordinator Rob Spence might have very well predicted Paulus' arrival, or at the very least asked for the very things Paulus brings to the table.

So there was Rob Spence talking again with his boss, Doug Marrone, and telling him once more what the Syracuse University football program needed at quarterback.

Vision. Passing ability. Leadership. Improvisational skills. Intelligence. Quick feet. Instincts. Anticipatory senses. Adaptability.

"You know what we've got to get?" surmised Spence, the Orange's new offensive coordinator. "We've got to get a point guard."

I'm not sure if Spence said this BEFORE Paulus became a possibility, which would have been Edgar Cayce-esque in it's foresight.  Bud notes that Marrone thinks Paulus is among the most competitive people he's ever seen despite the fact that he's never actually seen him play football live.  It's a confusing statement for a confusing situation and it's only going to get in the coming weeks.