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Jim Boeheim & Tiger Woods Need To Get A Room

What Jim Boeheim dreams of every night.
What Jim Boeheim dreams of every night.

Jim Boeheim was interviewed by Sporting News and dropped some curious nuggets about what he likes, what he dislikes and the things he'd love to be doing with his life.  The answers are...enjoyable.

First off, Jim discusses his favorite TV shows and it's no surprise that there's two CBS' shows on the list (The Unit, NCIS). Jim is their core demo to a T. Grey's Anatomy?  Yikes, James.  And someone should probably break it to Jimmy that ER is now off the air. 

I don't think the right question was, "What's in my iPod?" to which Jim answered "Oldies."  I think the question that really needed to be asked was, "Do you own an iPod or even know what an iPod is?"  No, obviously.  And going back to the Oldies for a second, THANK THE LORD for The Mike Hopkins and Rob Murphy since we're talking about a profession that requires you to get on the same level as teenagers.

Jim's favorite movies?  The Magnificent Seven, The Shawshank Redemption & The Natural.  I have nothing to add.  These are correct.

It's at this point things get a little...stalkery.

  • Love to trade places for a day with...Tiger Woods.
  • Talent I'd most like to have...To be a great golfer.
  • Favorite athlete to watch in another sport...Tiger Woods.
  • My bucket list...Play golf with Tiger Woods.
  • Athlete who I'd most like keep alive in a giant jar in my basement and then wear his skin like a jacket...Tiger Woods.

One of those might be made up.  Possibly.

H/T: Mike Waters