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Will Today Be Fab Melo Or Just Plain Mellow? (Updated)

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Let's all get up to speed on the Fab Melo doins'.

Fabricio De Melo, if you don't already know, is kinda a big deal.

A couple weeks back, The Orange Fizz spoke with his high school coach who said it was down to Louisville, Syracuse, UConn and Florida State.

Last week word came out that Fab had probably whittled his list down to SU and L'ville and a decision was coming this week. If Melo were to come to SU, he's arguably be turning what's already one of the best 2010 classes in the nation into the very best.

Last night, our friend Matt McClusky of ESPN 1410's Matt Mc's Sports Fix tweeted the following:

From a source of mine - yes a source of mine! - Recruit Fabricio De Melo to committ to Syracuse Orange tomorrow @ 10 a.m. presser.

That set off a firestorm on the message boards and Twittertubes.  Curiously, there was one other possibly innocuous tweet around the same time from Syracuse Assistant Coach Rob Murphy:

WOW! There are LOTS of commitments going on around the country. Love to see guys make decisions on their basketball futures! Who's next???

Could be nothing.  Then again...

This morning, the 10am deadline came and went.  No word from Melo, his coach, his school or SU.  No other media sources picked up the story.  As one imagines, doubt settled in.  Matt reiterated that although the specifics didn't work, his source maintains that the news is coming.  He even backed up his initial confirmation with another one.

Just spoke with 'Southie' (what do you think for a source name?) and he says there is more confirmation that Melo is coming to the 'Cuse.

Then, Rob Murphy checked in again and this time his tweet was slightly less innocuous:

Mike (Hopkins) has pulled a Mike (Jordan) like performance! Your one of the BEST Hizzy! Keep up the Great work!!!!! Go Cuse!

Hizzy did what?  What did he do?  Did he confirm Melo?  Did he order a great turkey sandwich?  WHAT?  (We'll get to the fact that Hopkins' nickname is Hizzy, which is fantastic, another time).

And FINALLY, news that Fab Melo will make his announcement has come down. And so we wait...

Update: MELO RETURNS (NOT REALLY BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) TO SYRACUSE! Ha-yuge get for the Orange.  Ha-yuge get for Hizzy.  Ha-yuge get for Matt McClusky, all growns up.