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What About The Lobsters? Won't Anyone Think Of The Lobsters?

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Last night was the Big East Media Day clam bake.  Where's the f***ing news about how lobsters Doug Marrone, Art Jones and Mike Owen ate?  HELLO!?!?!  Who gives a rat's ass about who's predicted to win the conference.  I want answers to the real issues. 

When you're talking about an all-u-can-eat lobster meal a year after one of your players breaks the team record by eating seven crustaceans, news must be reported!  I demand it!

About the closest we've got so far is from Brian Bennett whose "belly is still full from last night's delicious clam bake."  Enough about you, Bennett, what about Art Jones, once a student of the lobster-eating game and now the master?  Bennett tried to get the inside scoop but was denied due to Tremendous Doug Marrone's intensity.

I went over to talk to Doug Marrone at one point, but he was locked in an intense post-dinner conversation with Orange players Arthur Jones and Mike Owen, talking to them about leadership. The man is focused.

West Virginia seniors Reed Williams and Jarrett Brown said they each ate three lobsters, which tells me everything I need to know about West Virginia's pithy chances this season.  Only three?  Did they wear skirts while eating?

And so...we wait.  If I had to guess, Ryan Durand's record must still stand.  Otherwise, surely the news would have reverberated throughout the land.  We can at least hope that the SU three put in work, even if they failed to live up to the hype