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For Less Than A Dollar A Day, You Can Help Syracuse Football

Today we learned the #6 best reason to attend Syracuse's game against Minnesota and it turns out that by purchasing goods and services inside the Dome will benefit a very special cause near and dear to our hearts.


"All proceeds go to fund the Syracuse Football program."

You don't know their names.  You don't know where they live.  But you can see...they play here.  Lost in an unforgiving world, where one day is the same as the next.  But who cares, it's not YOUR football program, why should YOU care? 

Because it IS a football program...and it needs YOU.  When you call Christian College Football Fund, you'll know they have a place to play.  You know they'll have uniforms to wear, so they won't die from...uh...not having uniforms, like so many college football teams have. 

Not your football team?  Once you start getting to know each other, that'll change.  All you have to do is step up and say "I'm going to help this football program." Because you can.  And because they need you.  Do something wonderful.  Buy an orange shirt and we'll send you a picture of a Syracuse football player who needs you.  Operators are standing by.