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For The Depth Charts, They Are A Changing

Lauren Long/Syracuse Post-Standard
Lauren Long/Syracuse Post-Standard

The official-ish Syracuse football depth chart is sorted and it looks, well, like a completely different team than the one we started with four months ago.*

Position Pre-Spring Post-Spring Regular Season
QB Cameron Dantley Ryan Nassib Greg Paulus
RB Delone Carter Antwon Bailey Delone Carter
FB Carl Cutler Daniel Collier N/A
WR Mike Williams Mike Williams Mike Williams
WR Lavar Lobdell Marcus Sales Marcus Sales
WR Donte Davis Donte Davis Alec Lemon
LT Jonathan Meldrum Nick Speller Nick Speller
LG Ryan Bartholomew Ryan Bartholomew Ryan Bartholomew
C Jim McKenzie Jim McKenzie Jim McKenzie
RG Nick Allport Adam Rosner Tucker Baunbach
RT Tucker Baumbach Tucker Baumbach Jonathan Meldrum
TE Mike Owen Mike Owen Mike Owen
TE Nick Provo Nick Provo Nick Provo
DE Jared Kimmel Jared Kimmel Mikhail Marinovich
DE Mikhail Marinovich Chandler Jones Chandler Jones
NT Arthur Jones Arthur Jones Arthur Jones
DT Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis
SLB Derrell Smith Doug Hogue
Doug Hogue
MLB Mike Mele Derrell Smith Derrell Smith
WLB Parker Cantey Derek Hines Ryan Gillum
CB Kevyn Scott Kevyn Scott Kevyn Scott
CB Nico Scott Nico Scott Nico Scott
SS Max Suter Max Suter Max Suter
FS Mike Holmes Mike Holmes Mike Holmes
K Austin Wallis Shane Raupers Ryan Lichtenstein
P Rob Long Rob Long Rob Long
LS Max Leo Dalton Phillips Max Leo

*Final depth chart not 100% street legal but based on Marrone's admissions and what we've seen.

  • Fullbacks?  We don't need no stinkin' fullbacks.  With the two who were slotted into the spot now gone and the only active one on the roster a walk-on (Robert Nieves), it looks like the TEs, of which there are a plethora, will split into that spot.  Expect to see Provo and Catalina get some looks here or in an H-back set.
  • The most consistent unit of the off-season?  The defensive backfield.  Go figure.
  • The least consistent unit of the off-season?  The defensive line.  Go figure.
  • Sir Alec Lemon.  Welcome to the front line.  We look forward to the many headlines that include the phrase "A Twist of Lemon" that you will initiate. 
  • Candidate for least-appreciated Orangeman to date?  Andrew Lewis.  Quietly a starter the entire off-season and I don't think anyone's ever mentioned him.
  • Didn't include here but the official PR is Donte Davis and Mike Jones is your KR du jour.

Update: Donnie's article is up and he's all over this Lemon-Drop into the depth chart (sorry).

"He's proven he can do it in practice. He's been very consistent. He's caught the ball over 90 percent of the time. Everybody knows that we chart everything we do in practice. He's shown that he can go over the middle, can make the tough catches, can do a lot of different things. But now, it's a different evaluation. Until you see them do it live in a game, that's the big test. That's what's next for Alec Lemon. But he's passed everyone so far."