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The Big East Blogger Preseason Poll

Arthur Jones doing Arthur Jones things.
Arthur Jones doing Arthur Jones things.

You asked for it, well you've got it! (You asked for it, right?)  The Big East Bloggers Preseason Poll Results are in and the results are...creamy?  I don't know.

The participating blogs include Astro's Bulls Blog (South Florida), Bleed Scarlet (Rutgers), Eye of a Panther (Pittsburgh), Orange::44 (Syracuse), Orange Fizz (Syracuse), The Smoking Musket (West Virginia), The UConn Blog (Connecticut) and Moi (Syracuse). Eight blogs and three of them are from Cuse.  What bias?

Eye of the Panther has the full results and breakdowns so please go check them out.  In the meantime, I've give you the basics.

We don't think Syracuse is the worst!  SU comes in 7th in the overall preseason standings ahead of Louisville.  USF earns official "Trendy Pick" status with three first-place votes.  West Virginia is 2nd with two first-place votes, Pitts comes in third and Rutgers fourth.  I personally went with Rutgers (the lone voter) based on their schedule and the modicum of talent they have on their sidelines. It pains me, trust me. Cincy (5th) and UConn (6th) rounded out the conference.

We also selected 1st and 2nd Big East teams and you might be surprised to learn that Syracuse players actually showed up on them.  Including...

1st Team All-Big East

Mike Williams (WR), Arthur Jones (DL), Rob Long (P, unanimous)

2nd Team All-Big East

Mike Owen (TE), Jim McKenzie (C), Mike Holmes (KR/PR)

A whole bevy of SU players show up on the Honorable Mention list, including K Shane Raupers, who has yet to even step onto a practice field, let alone a field during an actual game.  Ballsy, Cuse voters.

Cuse also picked up two individual awards with Rob Long being named Preseason Big East Special Teams Player of the Year and Greg Paulus tabbed as the Preseason Big East Rookie of the Year.

Go check out the full results and chime in.  The Big East Media should make their selections soon, let's see if they can get it nearly as right as we did.

H/T to Jon at Bleed Scarlet for organizing.