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Delone Carter: Destroyer Of D-Lines, Eater Of Souls

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I like to call this one: "Delone Carter runs up the middle for five yards, devours your immortal soul, moves the chains."


That stunning piece of art is courtesy of Syracuse-based artist Michael Borkowski, who also just put out Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Deep Freeze, a children's book featuring Tony Stark's alter-ego..  If you're in the Buffalo area, Mark will be signing his new book at the Clarence, NY Barnes & Noble tonight at 7 pm so stop on by with the kids.  Of course, if you wanted to print out the above photo and bring that with you, I'm sure he'd be happy to sign that as well...

Speaking of Delone, Brian Bennett posted an article yesterday on Syracuse's need to rely on its running game this season, especially as Greg Paulus gets his feet under him.  In particular, it seems as though Delone will be carrying much of the load.  It's easy to forget how surprising it is to even see him in uniform at all this year, let alone reclaiming his spot as top dog.  He didn't play at all two seasons ago because of a devastating hip injury and saw limited action last year due to a hamstring problem. But now...he's back and at full strength for the first time in a long time.

"I feel like I've been through my trials and tribulations," he said. "I went to the weight room real hard. I feel like I'm a real physical runner and I bring a physical edge. I'm probably the strongest back on the team, but I'm elusive, too."

Don't forget about Antwon Bailey.  The star of the Notre Dame game will see plenty of playing time as well.  Considering OC Rob Spence ran two-back sets at Clemson, he's no stranger to the multiple back system.  And of course if either of them falter, Averin Collier will be happy to step in at any moment.