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Friends Before Family With Syracuse Football

reason 9
reason 9

If you're one of the cool kids, you've got an email each of the last two days from SU Athletics marking the Top Ten Reasons To Come Watch Syracuse vs. Minnesota. Yesterday we found out that "there's no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than eating Dome Dogs, hanging out with friends and cheering for the Orange."  I can appreciate that. World hunger can wait til Monday.

Today the reasoning expands to take the same idea outside the, Dome.  You can do all of the things the #10 reason promised...but outdoors!  Here's the run though.  The pre-game fun on the Quad before the game is "fun for the whole family."  But according to the #10 reason, it's all about hanging with friends.  No mention of family.  Clearly, we've hit on a conflict.

Your family can come for the "food" and "music by the Syracuse Marching Band and also the band Stroke" (At least, I'm assuming that's correct and it's not actually The Band Stroke, which, now that I think about it, is a pretty kickass band name.) but they'll have to wait outside during the game.  Sorry, no families allowed.  Only friends.

My guess is, there's a corral out on the Quad during gamedays where you drop off your family before heading in, get a ticket stub and then retrieve them upon leaving the Dome, gorged on Dome dogs shared amongst friends.

SU makes a little money charging for the Jreck Subs' Family Holding Pen, you get peace of mind knowing your family isn't running loose on campus terrorizing freshmen and your family gets all the Jreck Subs they want.  Win-win-win.

(Quad opens at 9am?  What are you talking about?  It's a quad.  It's "open" 24 hours a day.)