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Exclusive First Look: Syracuse's Offensive Playbook

I know I'm breaching some serious ethical barriers to bring this to you...but I feel as though it's my job as a blogger, NAY, a muckraker, to do so.

Don't ask me how but I've come into possession of the entire offensive playbook for the Syracuse football team this season.  Many of my people died or are currently locked up in DOCTOR Gross' dungeon right now (I will never forget you!) so that I could bring you this information. I don't present it lightly and I ask that, if a Minnesota Gopher or someone in their stead asks for this information, you must disavow any knowledge!

The name of the game this season is simplicity.  With a quarterback who hasn't throw a pass, let alone led an offense, in four years, complexity is no longer an option.  The offensive line is still gelling and therefore can't be asked to remember hundreds of formations and plays.  The wide receivers are a relatively young and inexperienced bunch, so we need to keep things within their grasp.  Lastly, the running back core is strong and capable, but with the rest of the offense playing catch-up, it's vital that they stick to doing what they do best.

And so, I give you Rob Spence and Doug Marrone's masterpiece...


It's genius is in it's simple efficiency.  If I were Spence, I'm thinking Left-A all friggin' day.  Hit Mike Owen on the inside bottom curl (technical term).  Draw the defense in.  Then let Delone Carter swing out to the bottom with a little Left-B to draw them in further.  Then...UP-A TO MIKE WILLIAMS FOR THE LONG BALL!!!

If everything goes smoothly, this scene should unfold quite often this year...