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Kicking Things Up A Notch

Here's the lesson to be learned as a member of the Syracuse football team in 2009.  Your role as a starter is never, ever safe.  Even if there's no one on the roster better than you.  Because if need be, they will make sure there is.  Just ask Ryan Nassib.  And now, you can ask Ryan Lichtenstein as well.

As mentioned yesterday and initially reported by SyracuseFan and SpazSports, Syracuse has officially brought in new kicker Jake Smith.  Wearing #40, Smith will immediately compete with Lichtenstein for the starting placekicker role and will also bring the benefit of his punting skills to back-up Rob Long.

Smith graduated Cheltenham High School in Elkins Park, PA this past year and was set to attend Milford Academy.  Obviously, when a 1-A program comes a-callin', you change your mind ASAP. 

Smith didn't kick any field goals in practice though he did kick some beforehand.  Donnie & Dave were no hand to see and Donnie had this to say about the newbie:

Rahme and I are watchimg warmups and both think new kicker has a stronger leg than Lichtenstein.

Donnie noted in his article that Smith's kicks seem to go higher than Lichtenstein's routinely do. Though we'll have to wait until he's got the entire team screaming at him while he attempts a 45-yarder before we anoint Smith the new kicker.  Until then, Lichtenstein is still the guy.