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Hüsker Dü In The Dome Sometime Soon?

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Still plenty of room on the football schedules over the next couple years.  Perhaps there's even room on there for Nebraska?  According to Donnie Webb, it looks like it's a possibility.

Syracuse is apparently negotiating with Nebraska on a series that will bring the Cornhuskers back to the Carrier Dome. If all goes well, it'll be a nice little reward for the hometown fans feeling a little snubbed over the USC/Notre Dame move to the Meadowlands.

Syracuse and Nebraska had a mini-off-the-field rivalry brewing for a while this off-season with the David Oku recruiting warz. Since neither of us ended up with the kid, I guess that makes it a moot point.  But still, I'm sure we can shoehorn that in there if ammo is needed.

The Orange and Huskers have a notable if not robust history.  They've played 12 times with Syracuse holding the 7-5 advantage.  That includes Syracuse's 17-9 win over #1 Nebraska in 1984 which many consider the catalyst for SU's rise to prominence in the late 80's.  It also washed the taste of a 63-7 shellacking by the Huskers the year previous out of our mouth.  The 1957 win over Nebraska was the 300th in Syracuse history.

As Donnie mentions, a match-up like this could certainly go a long way in helping ease the loss of the USC game from the Dome.  That is, until Nebraska demands some NYC presence and we end up playing this one at CitiField. 

Speaking of the USC/Meadowlands deal, Donnie also mentions that SU got a $500K singing bonus just by agreeing to the deal.  That doesn't include the money that will be reaped from the games themselves.  Understood.