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Mike Hopkins May Be In The Dharma Initiative


Last time you visited The Mike Hopkins' website you probably saw a collage of photos from the SU assistant's family and moments with the team.  But swing by now and you'll find...something. 

The words "Get Ready" and a countdown that will end Sunday night.  That's it.  What does it all mean?  Could it be that The Mike Hopkins is about to unleash a one-stop Syracuse basketball hub the likes of which has never been seen?  Is he starting his own Genealogy service, HopKinz?  Is he taking over as the new head coach on Monday?  Is he starting his own cat meme site, ICanHopzCheezeburger?  What is he doing?  What is going on?  Where is the island? WHEN is the island?


And so we wait...

Your move, Murphy.