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Pat Forde Makes Points By Not Making Any Point At All

Via the Three Idiots, who got it from Brian Bennett, here's a video of Pat Forde criticizing the Syracuse quarterback situation.

NOW, I get why people think the Greg Paulus news is a bad sign.  Strip away the loyalties and the numbers and the names and it's a guy who hasn't played QB for four years suddenly starting.  That don't sound good.

But here's where Pat Forde's logic goes off the cliff and confirms that he probably doesn't actually know what the hell he's talking about. (Plus, he's clearly just reading facts and figures off a sheet):

...Unless the former Duke point guard is unbelievably talented, Jay, the fact that he just strapped on a football helmet for the first time since 2004 and become the starter already is a complete indictment of the other Orange quarterbacks...

Um...I guess.  If you're working under the assumption that the other four quarterbacks on our roster are far superior and clearly head and shoulders above him in skill, aptitude and ability.  Which none of them are as far as we can tell. Hence the need to offer Paulus a scholarship in the first place.  Does that make sense, Pat?  You with me so far?

In other words, the offensive ineptitude that was the hallmark of the Greg Robinson Era appears likely to continue under Doug Marrone, the new coach.

Again, you're saying that as if Syracuse was on pace to score 40 points a game with Ryan Nassib under center.  Wake up Pat, they're going to struggle no matter who is back there, be it Greg Paulus, Ryan Nassib or Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.  Where you not aware of this before Tuesday?

Syracuse failed to score 20 points thirty-two times in Robinson's 47 games. Now you have to wonder if it's going to be more of the same. 

#1, stop just reading press notes and actually give us interesting insight and opinion.  #2, NOW you have to wonder if it's going to be more of the same?  NOW you have to wonder?  WHEN WEREN'T YOU WONDERING?!?!

The irony here is that among the quarterbacks that Paulus beat out is another one with basketball blood, Cameron Dantley, the son of Notre Dame great Andrian Dantley.

Pat, the definition of irony is "a literary or rhetorical device, in which there is an incongruity or discordance between what one says or does and what one means or what is generally understood."  What you just stated is not ironic.  What IS ironic is that you went with that boilerplate, uninteresting piece of information instead of pointing out that Cam Dantley was the starting quarterback last season and the fact that Greg Paulus easily supplanted him would actually add credence to your initial point about the state of the Syracuse quarterback position. I'm here to help, Pat.

Pat apparently has been living in a world where Syracuse, with Ryan Nassib at QB, was going to finish 10-2, win the Big East and defeat USC in the Rose Bowl.  Now, because of that jerk Paulus, we're back to square one.  I would like to live in that world, Pat.  Where's the time portal?

Two of those five sentences didn't actually have anything to do with Greg Paulus or the point that Greg Paulus' ascension to starting quarterback is a bad thing.  So what did we just learn?  NOTHING.  But ESPN got to kill :60, so that's a win.

I do like the host's response to Pat's diatribe.

"Interesting stuff"

Actually, no.