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Daily Links - More Meadowlands Madness

Orange::44: Another Open Letter to Donnie Webb
Brian has some words for Donnie regarding his opinion on the Meadowlands news.

Syracuse's Move to have Games at the Meadowlands Puzzling
It is kind of puzzling why Syracuse would move three really big home games out of the Carrier Dome into another state. West Point and the Bronx are a short drive on the New York State Thruway. Syracuse and East Rutherford is not.

Syracuse University Athletics - Orange Add Lions To Hoop Itinerary
The Syracuse men’s basketball team is scheduled to host Columbia on Friday, November 27, in the Carrier Dome.

Jamesville-DeWitt's DaJuan Coleman joins nation's elite prospects in Elite 24 All-Star Game at Rucker Park - Orange Basketball Blog
We should probably keep an eye on DaJuan Coleman.

Orange::44: Back To Business
Brian is back in black. Well, orange.

The Big Orange Bloggers: The Return Of Oscar The Syracuse Football Psychic
Oscar The Syracuse Football Psychic is not a TNIAAM fan.

8 Things That Will Definitely Happen During Your First Week of College
I can vouch for just about all of them.

Road to the Final Four: Nation's Top Non-Conference Battles | Bleacher Report
Syracuse vs. Florida makes the list.

Orange Fizz: Syracuse Orange Sports Blog, Recruiting and Podcasts.
Cam Dantley looked, well, disinterested. But wouldn't you be if your job first got stolen by a redshirt sophomore and then by a guy who seemingly appeared out of Blue Devil smoke in the middle of the summer?

You know, I've almost forgotten that Donte Greene was ever even here in the first place: