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The Syracuse Football Uniform Contest Championship - Winner

If we were going off of total votes for entrant, CuseOrange would be named the winner of the SU Football Fan-Designed Uniform Contest.  Alas, CuseOrange's votes were split up between two entries, which finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.  And so, the winner of the contest and the new owner of a Gregapalooza T-shirt is...the wonderfully-inside-named KyleMcIntoshStiffArm!


I happen to like this uniform for two reasons. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark blue.  I'm all for it.  And two, it's a great "old meets new" concept. It's an updated spin on a classic.

So khadooz to you, StiffArm.  Send me your addy and I'll make sure you get your T.  Thanks to everyone for the entries.  I'm sure we'll do it again for basketball. And field hockey.