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Daily Links - Boeheim Speaks, SU Basketball Updates

WFAN - The Fan - Jim Boeheim
Boeheim goes on WFAN to talk Calipari/Memphis, Hopkins, and SU Alum Craig Carton's burning questions

Best Case/Worst Case: Syracuse - Big East - ESPN
Worst case scenerio for Syracuse. 2-10, Rutgers wins the Big East and Greg Robinson is a savior in Michigan.

Paulus keeps us tuned in - College Sports - News & Observer
Only Greg Paulus knows whether he is in over his head, but whatever happens, watching the former Duke point guard try to play quarterback at the Division I level after one summer of preparation should be nothing short of compelling.

Syracuse University 2010 Basketball Recruiting | Hoops Blog
Jerry Meyer and the group over at released their revised rankings for the rising senior class earlier today, and much like in past years the late summer update saw a lot of players rise and fall in the rankings.

The "big'' games and the "interesting'' games Big East teams have scheduled for the 2009-2010 season - Orange Basketball Blog
None of the Big East Conference schools have released the full non-conference portion of their schedules, but I've already found some big games and some interesting games on the slate for the 2009-2010 season.

Complete 2009-2010 college hoops preseason tournament schedule - Card Chronicle
Every college basketball preseason tournament and it's participants.

Rush The Court " Blog Archive " 2010 ESPN College Gameday Sites Announced
Is SU vs. Villanova the clunker of the College GameDay Line-up?

Fulmer Will Coach Next Season At… | Hard Knox Sports
How bout Phil Fulmer coaching in the Big East next year?

Maryland high school team brings its football camp to Syracuse - Orange Football Blog
The Bishop McNamara High School Mustangs picked up their camp in Maryland for a three-day retreat to Syracuse University.

Blast from the past: 1998 local news feature on high school senior Michael Vick and why he chose Virginia Tech over Syracuse: