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The Rejuvenation Begins: Syracuse Preseason Camp - August 20th


Delone "I Have No Idea What Twitter Is, Senator" Carter broke off a spectaculaire 60-yard TD run in practice yesterday and that apparently set the table for all of the running backs to have a big day. Breaking free from PaulusMania, the backfield-in-motion had their best day as a unit so far.

Marrone said tailback Mike Jones took a swing pass on the perimeter, turned the corner and scored a touchdown. He said tailback Averin Collier, who has been battling some type of nagging injury, had a 40-yard touchdown run that he took around the corner.

"I think you're going to see a lot of people there that can help us," Marrone said of the tailbacks. "It's an exciting time."

Bailey also apparently put a devastating move on LB E.J. Carter during practice.  Take it easy on him, 'Twon.  Can't give him any reason to leave...we don't have that option!

It's not just the running backs that are making their presence felt in practice.  Some of the WRs are beginning to break out as well.  We already know Mike Williams is doing Mike Williams things.  Still, Doug Marrone is antsy:

"We’re still looking for the next playmaker out of that group."

Alec Lemon, perhaps?  The freshman's name continues to come up in conversation and while there's still a lot of players ahead of him on the depth chart, he's adjusting quickly.

He’s soft spoken, no snarl in his demeanor. And he’s only 6-foot-2, 193 pounds. But Lemon points out that blocking as a receiver is more mental than anything. So far, he has relished the thankless part of the job, making a great first impression in the process.

"You have to have the heart and intelligence when to be physical," Lemon said. "You have to have the will to go in there and block linebackers."

SU needs guys willing to do the dirty work right now.  Lemon's attitude is refreshing to hear, other than, you know, "I'm leaving."

Over on the defensive side it sounds like tobacco-smoking entrepreneur Mikhail Marinovich is finally ready to make headlines for what he does ON the field. Mikhail and sophomore Torrey Ball have been lining up with the first team D as defensive ends.  Obviously, Jared Kimmel and Chandler Jones are still ahead of them, but injuries are giving way to the young whipper-snappers and the position has quickly morphed into our deepest and strongest on the team.

finally that brings us to some guy named Paulus.  Now that he's the starter, his every move in practice will be triple-scrutinized.  So far...he's not bad.

Though he didn’t show off his arm with a lot of deep balls, he looked particularly sharp tossing precise screen passes, 10-yard out patterns and a few fade routes while the defense practiced on the adjacent field. I’m sure once he gets his timing down we’ll be seeing him throw the ball more downfield.

The D.O. also notes that a couple times the Orange lined up in a 4-receiver set.  Other times the offense resembled Marrone's Saints O very much, with screens and slants galore.  Giddy up.