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There's Gold In Them Swamps

Public support has been...lacking...for the recent announcement that Syracuse will play three games, including the 2012 USC home game, at the Meadlowands and not the Carrier Dome.  Tremendous parking lots aside, many fans just can't wrap their heads around the need for Syracuse to play games in New Jersey and take the benefits away from the city.

The powers-that-be would like to turn that frown upside-down and let you know about all the benefits involved.  From the flimsy (it's helps recruiting!) to the nasty (we're in Rutgers' backyard) to the marketing-y (National and NYC exposure).   Oh and then there's the real reason...WE'RE RICH, BIYATCH!

A source familiar with the situation suggested that Syracuse will make more money playing one game in the Meadowlands than it could with a sell-out crowd at the Carrier Dome.

"Obviously, we're very excited financially with the terms," Gross said on Monday. "It has the makings to be a terrific relationship for the future of our program."

The article Donnie refers to states that Rutgers could make almost $3M if it moves next year's game with Army to the Meadlowands.  I'm not even sure that would sell out the stadium, compared to the USC game which it undoubtedly will.  Not to mention the merchandising and whatever other financial gains are involved and the university should come out with a sizable profit on the deal. 

That is, of course, assuming we didn't bend over to USC and Notre Dame on the percentage side, which is a distinct possibility.