Canada/Italy Bench Clearing Brawl

Well it Looks Like Andy Rautin's summer playing with Team Canada won't be all fun and games. Andy's quest to stay in shape this summer has already been well documented and noted for its intensity. First there was the Hair Change that rocked the fashion industry, then the exotic food critique, now a bench clearing fight. (Video below)

Team Canada played Team Italia in a "Friendly" this Saturday. The incident seems to begin from what looks like a inadvertent bump from Canada’s Aaron Doornekamp on Italy’s Mancinelli. From there Mancinelli, just loses it and sucker punches/elbows Doornekamp in the back of the head. Needless to say, the Canadian's rushed to the aide of their fallen teammate. #10 Andy Rautins is the second man there and immediately tries to tear Mancinelli off Doornekamp. At about the 1:49 mark in the video you can see a close-up of Andy trying to pull off Mancinelli, and then getting pulled away himself by the refs. After that the Elder Rautins and Team Canada Head Coach Leo tries to separate the two teams and also exchanges words with the Italian head coach.

After it was all said and done several players were ejected and Italy went on to win the game 81-75. I haven't been able to find a boxscore and Team Canada's website surprisingly has no mention of the brawl, but it does say that Andy finished with 10 pts.

While it's good to know that we can count on Andy in case anything ever goes down with Uconn or Georgetown, Maybe Andy should spend his summers away from Canadian basketball. Our team's season rests on his repaired ACL and clearly International basketball is too much of a risk. Canada should probably stop scheduling Italy as well, Haven't they ever seen a soccer riot?

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