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Greg Paulus, In His Own Words

Greg Paulus got the chance to speak to the world today as he bravely fielded questions regarding his ability to lead these Orange men onto the gridiron in search of glory.  He told them exactly how he planned to crush his enemies, to see them driven before him and to hear the lamentation of their women.  In a manner of speaking, of course.

On how he feels about the criticism being lobbed out there by anonymous Big East coaches and others.

"I don’t hear or see many things...This is a big commitment right now with camp and double sessions and whether people are saying things on TV, magazines or newspapers - we get here in the morning before it starts and we leave after it all ends. We got some tunnel vision and that’s the way I like it to be."

On what the most important thing for him to work on is:

"I'm really trying to get my timing back...Being able to understand defenses, the speed of it, the system. There's a number of different challenges here. But each day I feel and believe I'm getting better, whether that's with my footwork or my consistency with the throws and reads. That's what I'm trying to do, get better."

On Ryan Nassib:

"Ryan has been a big help. Whenever I have a question or don't understand something, we're usually talking about it. He's been absolutely great to me, and I appreciate that. We're going to need each other."

On Doug Marrone:

"He’s turning the culture...He’s done a great job building. That’s was one of the mains reasons I wanted to come back here. To have an opportunity to help build this program and put it in the right direction was something I wanted to be a part of."

On how his time at Duke prepared him for this:

"Having the experience and the opportunity to play for Coach K and Duke, it prepared me for everything...Playing in a lot of big games and playing in that type of atmosphere has allowed me to learn from that culture, to build on some of the things I had in high school and I'm trying to bring some of that here to Syracuse."

Listen to Paulus himself discuss things a little further.  He sounds...beat.

SU Quarterback Greg Paulus Talks With The Media

And Donnie chimes in with his own two cents on The Paulus Declaration:

The Post-Standard's Donnie Webb on Greg Paulus as Syracuse University football's starting quarterback.