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Andrew Robinson: Never Forget

He might never play a down other than for special teams this season but I can't think of a player on the Syracuse roster who will be more-universally cheered for than Andrew Robinson.  Considering we're talking about a season in which 18 players have given up their scholarships or walked away from the chance to remain on a Division 1-A football roster, a player like Andrew Robinson deserves, nay, demands to be respected.

This is a guy I briefly re-named the site in honor of, for crimony's sake! And he was huge in Russia!

I don't know very many college players who would have the fortitude and the onions to go from being the starting quarterback and presumed savior to a fifth-string tight end/special teams player and to do so without ever publicly uttering a negative word or acting out in any form.  Absolutely no one would blame him if he were to be come #19 on the no-longer-here list but yet he seems like the least likely guy on the roster to ever leave. 

As for what Doug Marrone thinks of him, well...look out.  The extremely-rare, almost-never-seen-before DOUBLE TREMENDOUS has been unleashed:

"He's a tremendous, tremendous person."

I'd say you can put Doug down as a reference on your resume, Andrew.

Andrew sat down with Donnie Webb to discuss how things are going this year, what's it like to be in the position he's in and what he thinks of Greg Paulus:

Donnie Webb Talk With Andrew Robinson