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Can Greg Paulus Kick Too?

On Sunday, Donnie Webb penned an article titled "Rookie kicker Shane Raupers envisions great success at Syracuse."  Well, a huge congratulations are in order for young Shane because apparently he achieved that success in a matter of two days.  With nothing left to prove, the freshman kicker (and only scholarship one on the roster) has left the team.


Add freshman place kicker Shane Raupers to the list of players that are no longer members of the Syracuse University football team.

Raupers was missing during practice today at the Carrier Dome. A school official said that Raupers "is no longer part of the program."

With Austin Wallis AND Raupers off the roster, that leaves walk-on Ryan Lichtenstein as the lone kicker available.  Lichty, so help me God, whatever happens in practice you need to suck it up.  Cause you're not going anywhere my friend.

Seriously, Marrone just has to lay down A Bronx Tale-type ultimatum at this point. 

"Now you's can't leave."

As for Raupers, we don't know why he quit until he speaks but the clues aren't working in his favor.  Just yesterday it sounded like he was having a really hard time getting through Coach Casullo's gauntlet.  Couple that with the pressure of being a freshman with no safety net as the team's 1st-string kicker and, we are...again.  Considering it sounded like he was quickly taking on a leadership role and with so many people rooting for him, it's a shame.

Cue the Ryan Lichtenstein highlights!