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The Syracuse Football Uniform Contest Championship - Best In Show

You chose which of the fan-created Home, Away and Alternate uniforms you liked best. Now let's find out which one you like the bestest of all.

Since we're starting late today you'll have through Tuesday to cast your vote. To the winner goes the spoils. The Palooza T-shirt has changed slightly. It's now a Greg-A-Palooza T. Greg who? No idea. Certainly no one related to Syracuse football. That's legally for sure!

(For the non-contest winners the shirt is available for purchase and some proceeds will go towards the Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse, so you'll be helping others while you help yourself. For once.)

Your three finalists are after the jump. Vote wisely. The winner will be our actual uniform next season.*

* No.

#1 - KyleMcIntoshStiffArm's Home Uniform Entry Kylemcintoshstiffarm2_medium

#2 - CuseOrange's Away Uniform Entry


#1 - CuseOrange's Alternate Uniform Entry