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Syracuse To Play USC And Notre Dame In The Meadowlands

Sorry folks, USC is no longer coming to town.  Neither is Notre Dame.  In what is quickly becoming the norm around the country, Syracuse will plays it's biggest and most high-profile opponents pretty much anywhere...except the Carrier Dome.

Donnie Webb reports that tomorrow's announcement about the Meadowlands' college football games concern the Syracuse Orange.

The Orange will play the University of Southern California in 2012 and Notre Dame in 2014 and 2016.

According to Donnie, that USC game means that the Trojans will not be making a visit to the Carrier Dome as they were supposed to.  That sucks.  Obviously, it's a sacrifice in the name of NYC and national exposure, but it's a dangerous precedent if not handled well from here on out. 

We were already pretty sure about the Notre Dame games, though originally we heard it was a much bigger series.  If this holds, that means the Irish will be playing four games in or near NYC from now until 2016.  Is New York's College Team Syracuse, Rutgers, Army or Notre Dame?  Hard to tell.

No word on whether or not that means SU can schedule another home game to take the place of the '12 USC game.

Well, those who wanted to see the Orange play in the shadow of the Empire State building have their chance, albeit a little further away than the initial possibility.  Those who don't like the idea of giving up home-dome advantage, well, you're SOL. DOC Gross got what he wanted, for sure.  Now it's up to HCDM to make sure we don't lose by 40 in any of these games.

(Note: Credit where credit is due, Brent Axe actually first-mentioned it in his discussion with DOC Gross a few weeks back)