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The Tawdry Tale Of TipsyThree

Sure, there's a handful of current SU players with Twitter accounts (scroll down and you'll see them on the left).  For the most part the accounts are either inactive, private or were used a handful of times.  Nothing of interest.  That is, except for the Twitterfeed of Delone Carter.  At least, what we THOUGHT was the Twitterfeed of Delone Carter.

tipsythree, whose account is no longer active, claimed to be Carter himself.  Even linking to a Jukt Micronics-style website all about DC.  For months the user on the account has been interacting with friends, answering questions from fans and even talking about football as the season drew near.  Sometimes saucy, sometimes boring, the feed was pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a college football player and student.  There was no cause for alarm and never any shocking tweets or boasts that drew attention to the feed.  Everything seemed status quo.

However, when asked by Donnie Webb, Delone brought the whole world crashing down on us:

Tailback Delone Carter says that a Twitter page attached to his name was not his doing. Carter said someone used his name and set up an account pretending to be him.

NOW, I'm not going to sit here and call Delone Carter a liar.  He may very well be telling the truth.  And if so, it's a good thing the false account was removed.

That said, I think Delone's a liar.

It would be one thing if the fake account was full of tweets like "Antwon Bailey is a p***y" or "Greg Paulus lick my n*zz*ts."  But it didn't.  It was very clearly a Twitterfeed by a real person just interacting with friends and, due to his status, fans.  There was no reason whatsoever to think that the account was a fake. 

What I THINK happened is that Delone caught wind that Marrone wouldn't take too kindly to player Twitterfeeds (as he shouldn't) and he freaked.  Again, not that there was anything over-incriminating on there, just that it was a probably not within Doug's code of conduct.

Anyway, that's just my guess.  Like I said, maybe it was a fake.  I'm not too sure what the faker gained in the process.  At the end of the day though, as much as I love to see SU players on social media for my own enjoyment, it's probably for the best that Delone (or fake Delone) are not tweeting.  God forbid HCDM finds out otherwise.