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The Rejuvenation Begins: Syracuse Preseason Camp - August 17th

Bart Simpson's ballet teacher once said to him, "So, he has fire in the belly! But it will take more than bellyfire to be the next Baryshnikov."  In the case of Syracuse football, bellyfire (and as we will see, bellyfat) is only going to take them so far.  Performances like the one they gave the fans on Friday just aren't going to cut it if they hope to regain their place as the Baryshnikov of Big East football:

Whether it was dealing with the loss of another linebacker, some anxiety of practicing in front of fans, the freedom of escaping the Carrier Dome for the first time or the unrelenting summer sun, the Syracuse University football team had a tough practice on Friday.

"The thing I'm struggling with right now, and I told this team (after practice)," Marrone said, "for four days, we came out here and we ran well, we ran around to the football, we were aggressive. I thought we were ready to come out here and really, come out and get after each other. And we didn't do that.

Football is for the strong, the fierce, the determined, but for the sissies, never!  Now, put on this fuchiatard: you are a faerie.

The team won't have time to dilly-dally anymore however.  Two-a-days start today!  Let the vomiting begin!

The quarterbacks will be ready, though even now the separation is becoming clearer and clearer.  The steely gaze of Greg Paulus is standing out.  And as for Cam Dantley, he's standing...somewhere around here.

Quarterback Greg Paulus looked Spence in the eyes every time he receive personal instruction. Former starting quarterback Cameron Dantley worked on the end and seemed distant, if not out of the picture

Poor Cam.  He got a taste.  But the forbidden fruit was pulled back.  Damn you, vile temptress called football.

As for some of the players on hand, freshman Shaune Raupers is quickly settled into his role as the master of the kicking team.  With no other scholarship placekickers on the roster, it's his job to lose...and even then he still might get stuck with it.  He's doing just fine with that pressure, according to Bob Casullo:

"The thing that impresses you most about him is his determination to develop into a premier Division I place kicker," said Syracuse assistant head coach and special teams coordinator Bob Casullo..."He will be given every opportunity to succeed. He also understands that we are not going to stand pat at the position. Like every other position we are going to actively recruit the best kicker available every year, just like we will at every other position."

That brings us to another new player, JuCo transfer Andrew Tiller who, despite his keen fashion sense, has been unable to hide a little something creeping out from around his stomach-area.  Despite claiming to be in the 360-range, most are pegging Tiller at something closer to 400.  And his recent BMI measurement doesn't bode well in the health department either:

A normal BMI for his height is 18.5-24.9. Anything over 30 is defined as obesity. Tiller's BMI was 47.4, the product he says of three months of idleness following off-season surgery to correct an ankle injury.

Sweet Jesus.  Seems like everyone's in a rush to paint a good picture on Tiller's tummy.  Donnie says that the weight is evenly distributed and he's got the muscles to back up his size.  Jim McKenzie says most 400-pounders he's met have a gut hanging over their belt, but not Tiller.  Though if I'm not mistaken, that's a gut hanging over his belt.

I'm not trying to go the easy road with fat jokes.  I'm just saying there's a line between being a big hogmolly and being too big for anyone's good, especially your own.  Hopefully Tiller keeps working on converting some of that weight into muscle.  Tiller's goal is to get down to 350.  Good.