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Weakside Linebacker Is The Spinal Tap Drummer Of Syracuse Football

None of them have spontaneously-combusted so far...but if I were E.J. Carter I'd stay away from flammable items.

Derek Hines' departure makes him just the latest player to briefly take on the position this off-season for the Orange, most of whom have either left the team not long after grabbing the spot.  Doug Marrone has been the head coach of SU football for a mere eight months and he's already seen the following weakside LBs come and go:

  1. Mike Mele (2008 starter) - transferred.
  2. Dan Sheeran (moved from WR) - quit team.
  3. Parker Cantey - quit team.
  4. Ryan Gillum - improved but not starter-material, current 2nd-string.
  5. Derek Hines (JuCo transfer) - quit team.
  6. E.J. Carter - Current penciled-in starter.

Good luck E.J.  The law of averages says you will survive.