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The Syracuse Football Uniform Contest Championship - Home Uniform

I asked you to create your version of the Syracuse football uniform. You did. And how.

Quite the amount of entries and all around nice work by everyone (except for the pink and green throwback version that's permanently seared onto my eyeballs).

I looked over the entries and decided we're going to draw this out a little. With so many different options, it's only fair to compare oranges to oranges and, well, blues to blues. So we're going to break it down.

8/12 - Best Home Uniform (Blue)

8/13 - Best Away Uniform (White)

8/14 - Best Alternate Uniform (Orange/Black/Etc)

8/17 - Best In Show

As promised, there is a prize for the Best In Show winner. I know in the past you've been offered prizes that are 50% cotton, or even 20% cotton. But I'm here today to tell you that the prize for the SU Uniform Contest winner is 100% cotton. You can't beat that. Until they make 110% Cotton shirts, I suppose...

300_medium 301_medium

It's Pauluspalooza: The T-Shirt, courtesy of a couple enterprising Syracuse fans. The shirt, which is now available for the very affordable price of $13.99, showcases the theme of the SU football season succinctly, even listing out the many stops on the Greg Paulus Homecoming Tour.

So head on down below the fold there, vote for the winner by Midnight tonight. Tomorrow we'll pick the Away Jersey winner, Friday we'll pick the Alternate winner and then on Monday one lucky winner will have their very own Pauluspalooza T. Well, you won't HAVE it on'll just officially be entitled to one. Then we gotta ship it. You should really know how these things work already...

And so, after the jump I will present to you my top ten picks to determine the ultimate fan-designed Home Syracuse Uniform.

#1 - KyleMcIntoshStiff Arm's Entry


#2 - ActionCuse's Entry


#3 - Brando415's Entry


#4 - DanteAmore's Entry


#5 - Kyle McIntoshStiffArm Entry #2


#6 - NOLACuse's Entry


#7 - Pastor McMuffin's Entry


#8 - Ragman2000's Entry


#9 - Ryanwk628's Entry


#10 - SyraCajun's Entry