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Greg, Stop Talking Right Now

Yes, you...Greg Robinson.  Stop it.  Stop talking right this instant.  If anyone else asks you a question about your tenure at Syracuse University, say "no comment."  Or plead the fifth.  Or run.  Or stab them with an icepick.  I don't really care, just stop talking about it. 

Otherwise, I'm going to have to read more quotes like this:

"When I came in there, it wasn’t the same Syracuse that it was in 1998. No, no, no, it was different. And that takes time to work your way through it. In my heart, what I’m probably most proud of is that football team that’s there today is so much better than the team that I inherited."


Stop it.


Michigan journalists, please stop asking Greg questions about his previous job, in which he oversaw the worst statistical four-year span in the history of Syracuse football.  Please do not continue to provide him with rope because you only make it worse for all of us.  You have to listen to the justifications, you then have to write the justifications, Michigan fans read the justifications and lull themselves into a false sense of security and Syracuse fans like myself read the justifications at 10:30 at night in their kitchen and seethe.

Cook, do something.  Somebody, call...somebody.

H/T (I think): Axeman