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Everything You Need To Know About The Syracuse QB Situation In One Photograph

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On the left, walk-on James Jarrett (#16), Ryan Nassib (#12) and Cam Dantley (#4), all frowning because they know none of them will step on the field this season.

In the center, Offensive Coordinator Rob Spence practically trust-falling into Greg Paulus.  You could almost say Spence is looking for Paulus to "prop him up" or "carry him" through the season.  Even his head is tilted towards Paulus in an unconscious way of saying "this guy over here...this is the guy." Where is the TNIAAM body-language expert when I need her?

On the right, Greg Paulus (#2), the only player smiling and doing so like a retarded foreign cousin* ("America!").  Next to him, Ridiculously Good-Looking Charley Loeb (#17) looking, uh, ridiculously good-looking.  Ladies of Syracuse University, have at it.  Fathers of Ladies of Syracuse University, my deepest sympathies.

*H/T: David Cross