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Where Will I Get My Bahama Mama Tobacco Fill Now?

(Mackenzie Reiss/The Daily Orange)
(Mackenzie Reiss/The Daily Orange)

Not even a year ago, Hollywood Hookah came into our lives and oh what joy it brought.  There was no better example of just how singularly-focused and dedicated our team was to perfecting the game of football then to see two of its players open their own tobacco-smoking bar during the season and get photographed inside it smoking from a pipe.  Greg Robinson didn't have much of a problem with it, and you can understand why.  He didn't seem too concerned on the players' conditioning in the off-season, so surely inhaling smoke during the actual season wasn't going to make a difference.

But what has become of poor Hollywood Hookah?  It's already survived a fire and numerous building code violations, there doesn't seem to be anything that can stop the lounge that will "change the landscape of the Marshall Street social life" as its website proclaims.

Except maybe Doug Marrone.

First off, one of the bar's owners is currently lacing them up for the Orange Spirit of the Collegiate Developmental Football League.  Second, the other owner remains on the team only after agreeing to ceasing his involvement with the smokeshop altogether, according to Donnie Webb.

Heard Syracuse defensive end Mikhail Marinovich is getting out of the hookah bar business as a condition for playing football with the Orange. There was an infamous picture from The Daily Orange last year which later ran in The New York Times and came to symbolize a program that had gone, "up in smoke?" Don't even know if the smoke shop is still open. Number I called was disconnected.

The website doesn't seem much updated either.  Anyone been by lately for an Appletini tobacco fix lately to confirm?

I wouldn't say the Hookah Bar epitomizes the Greg Robinson Era or stands as the singular thing that you can point to in order to sum it up, other than his 10-37 record.  But let me put it this way...the only things Syracuse players will be opening under Doug Marrone's reign are books, classroom doors and the heads of UConn quarterbacks.