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When Doug Marrone Utters The Phrase "Tremendous Standpoint," The World Will Cease To Exist

All praise to reader Eugene who commented that "If you think Marrone uses the word "tremendous" a lot, he uses the word "standpoint" a tremendous amount more."  I went back and checked the data God he's right!

In Marrone's latest press conference he uses the word "tremendous" eight times, as noted previously.  How about the word "standpoint?"  EIGHT TIMES AS WELL!!! Including two double dips!!!

It's a long period of time to not play football or be able to coach or be able to interact with your players from a standpoint of football from spring football to now, so it's an exciting time.

Yes, from a standpoint of making plays, and from a standpoint of leadership.

I'm big on life skills and developing our players from a personal standpoint first before I develop the athlete. I

From a standpoint of what we need to do to win...

From a standpoint of what we need to do to win, well we've already started that process from a standpoint of whatever you want to ask

From Greg's standpoint, he has competed at the highest level...

For what we do from the standpoint of being multiple, that helps us.

It's time to pick sides, people.  Who are you with?